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The models we use - a short video on how Paradigm develop operational excellence within your team and organisation.

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Introduction to HOP

This programme looks at the basics of HOP and the Organisational Drift model and how they appy to your business.

The learning is delivered in a virtual classroom setting covering the 5 Principles of HOP, Organisational Drift and how to run a Learning Team activity. Three x 2-hour sessions with a break in-between each session to reflect and relax.

Set your organisation up for success by understanding organisational drift and giving them tools and skills for immediate use. 


WITH Model

This is our newest workshop which we put together to help businesses prepare for returning to 'normal' business, taking into account the latent errors and issues which will have been building up.

The workshop is framed around a 30 min session explaining the different parts to the model (Workplace, Individual Capability, Task Demands and Human Nature) and then 30-45 mins talking with your team to understand the issues you face and provide tools to control/mitigate those risks.



Paradigm has developed its own incident investigation model which takes standard investigation techniques like root causes analysis and applies a HOP framework with appreciative inquiry. 

This leads to more effective investigations which have a longer-lasting effect on organisational performance and safety.

Delivered over 3 x 6 hr days using the blended learning format which is unique in this sector. This workshop will change your view of investigations.


Non-Technical Skills

Teams don't just happen. Having a group of people working together isn't a team. There needs to be psychological safety, effective leadership, clarity of roles and understanding of the members' interdependence to achieve success.

This 10-session webinar-based programme takes the same materials used to develop teams in the military aviation, healthcare and other high-risk teams and packages it for your business so you can deal with uncertainty and complexity more effectively.


Closing the Gap

Human and Organisational Performance makes Safety & Operational Excellence part of your DNA.
We are Europe's leading Human & Organisational Performance Improvement Consultancy


We believe that consultancy is about helping you to identify the gaps and equipping you with the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to address them yourself. This is our paradigm for improved performance.


We know that training provides the initial skills to develop and execute the changes you need to make. You then create the change. Training is not the complete solution. You, your leadership and your people are!


We recognise that sometimes, even when you know what to do, you don't have the resource to get the job done. We are here to help you on your journey to a generative culture and a high-performing organisation. 

Your people are the key to your success

Organisations are built on relationships.  Some good, some not so good!  How are the relationships in yours?  Is everyone working towards a common goal or do they have conflicting objectives?  

Is there a shared paradigm of what success looks like for the whole of the organisation?  Or are they purely focused on their own perspective or individual objectives? 

Understanding what drives the behaviour of the people in your organisation can unlock the door to sustainable change fast!  

Operational Excellence - from good to great!

We know it's frustrating when things go wrong!  Especially if the same things keep happening again and again!  

Despite our best efforts, the most rigorous controls and the highest standards, we know that people are fallible; they make errors and trying to eliminate errors is like trying to eliminate gravity!

So why do these things go wrong? How can they keep happening?  What can you do to make sure your people are set up for success? Simple questions, often with simple answers.

Courageous Leaders have high standards

Courageous Leaders are mindful of the shadow they cast!  If everyone in your team began mirroring YOUR behaviours - would today be a good day at the office?  

The things you 'DO' have much more impact than the things you 'SAY'! We are social and conforming by nature.

What behaviours are you reinforcing at work?  Are you modelling the behaviours you expect of your people?  Do they know what you expect? Look behind you, if no-one is following, you're not the Leader!

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