Accident & Incident

Investigation Training

This highly interactive courses provides delegates with new skills and knowledge which enables them to competently conduct investigations into minor incidents in the workplace, or to be part of a team investigating major or catastrophic incidents.

We know that when the worst things happen, even the best organisations don't see them coming. Everything looks so obvious from the wrong side of an incident but why do the best people make mistakes? Why do organisations with great reputations and even greater processes and procedures seem to have the most catastrophic unwanted events? And why to do those same things seem to happen again and again and again?

Why Paradigm Human Performance?

We have investigated hundreds of work-related incidents, accidents and unwanted outcome events across a range of industry sectors and we have used this knowledge to develop our Accident and Incident Investigation Model.

Why this Model?

Our model beings the best practice from many of the qualifications we have gained over the years and combines them into a unique process which helps you strep through an investigation with confidence, right from the beginning to the end.

Target Audience?

Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Professionals, Safety Advisors and Specialists, Hazard Analysts, Regulators, Inspectors, Line Managers, Supervisors, Operations Managers...anyone with responsibility for investigating accidents. 

Accident & Incident Investigation Training

Paradigm Human Performance is a world leading training and consultancy company with a proven pedigree in improving performance and safety in clients' operations. One of the key skills to achieve this is through effective investigation programmes. Our programmes and model don't just focus on compliance and which rules were broken, but rather they go much further into local rationality - ultimately 'how did it make sense for those involved to do that they did' and then identify measures, normally systemic, than need to change to prevent the occurrences from happening again.

Pre-learning delivers the theory in an interactive manner, and the virtual classrooms focus on reinforcing the theory with case studies and breakout discussions.

You will be provided with pre-course learning videos, workbooks and a one hour follow-up online session approximately one week after the course to answer and questions developed after the course finishes. 

The next open course will be run 3-6 Nov as 4 x 4.5 hr sessions. In-house training can be delivered to meet your needs, please get in touch for more details.

Day 1

- Introduction to Human Performance.
- Organisational Drift.
- Incident Response.

Day 2

- Protecting the scene.
- Gathering the evidence.
- Witness Interviews.
- Deciding the investigation level.
- Analysing the evidence.
- Validating the evidence.

Day 3

- Event mapping.
- Root causes analysis.
- Developing correcting actions.

Day 4

- Writing the report.
- Course summary and accountability going forward.


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