About Paradigm Human Performance


About Paradigm HP

Paradigm HP is a niche company with ambitions for global change. We recognise that Human and Organisational Performance Improvement is something that everyone should have access to.

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Our Values & Mission

Paradigm HP is built on three core concepts: Organisational Excellence, Quality Relationships and Global Contribution. These shape our business, our goals and how we support you to achieve operational excellence.

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Our Team

Paradigm HP has world-class expertise in human and organisational performance improvement, safety, security and non-technical skills development. We all share the same values and we deliver to them. 

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Our Values and Mission

Organisational Excellence

Lead the way - We work smart, stay relevant and have the courage to shape a better future for our clients and our people.
Results Focused - We take the time to understand our clients and tailor our service so that they see clear and tangible results.
Float like a Butterfly - We remain agile so we can adapt and deliver exactly what our clients need.
Sting like a Bee - We pack a huge punch because we have experience and pedigree.

Quality Relationships

Long-lasting Relationships - We really connect with our clients and we create partnerships that endure.
Act with Integrity - We are honest, open, ethical, and fair; we can be trusted to stick to our word.
Show Respect - We are aware of our competitors, we respect their offering and we work with them when we can. There is enough work for everyone.
Embrace Diversity - We know it takes different ideas, strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds to make a company succeed.

Global Contribution

Demonstrate Gratitude - We are grateful to our clients and we ensure they get a great return on their investment.
Pay It Forward - We share our good fortune with others by supporting good causes that are close to our hearts.
Lean in - We find opportunities to help others along the way.
Have fun - Life is short, we enjoy what we do and do what we enjoy.

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Jim Hart
Doosan Babcock

"I like your organisation’s values!"

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Our Team

World-class individuals who operate interdependently as a team within Paradigm HP, producing outputs way in excess of the sum of their parts.

Teresa Swinton

Teresa has spent over 27 years working in high risk industries, including Construction, Rail, HV Distribution and Fossil-Fuel and Nuclear Power Generation.  Teresa truly understands the complexity of people and the organisations that employ them, as well as the challenges of leadership.  


  • Human Performance
  • Incident Investigation
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Behavioural Safety
  • Leadership development. 
  • Executive, Small Business & Personal Development Coach


With significant experience across multiple domains, she has a natural ability to take complex theory, models and systems and turn them into easy to understand, straight-forward practices for all levels of the organisation to drive true transformational change. Teresa loves consulting with progressive organisations who really understand the power of good relationships and how these can be a catalyst for lasting performance improvement and operational excellence. Teresa uses her coaching skills to fulfil her passion for supporting and advocating women in the workplace, particularly those who run their own business or are preparing for their next managerial role.

A passionate, warm and funny keynote Speaker Teresa often talks at large events on the subjects that matter to her including her company, her specialist fields and her work with women.

Mick Swinton

Michael has spent a number of years managing physical security, security culture and teams in high risk industries such as Power Generation and Nuclear New Build.  As a Human Performance Practitioner, Michael has been responsible for implementing Human and Organisational Performance Improvement programmes and supporting incident investigations across a number of employer and client organisations.


  • Security Management
  • Incident Investigation
  • Business Management Systems Development & Implementation
  • Human Performance Practitioner
  • Training Delivery
  • Physical Security
  • Activist Threat Management
  • Events Management


Michael has gained considerable experience in the implementation of Human and Organisational Performance Improvement programmes at the “sharp end” in client organisations since founding Paradigm Human Performance with Teresa in 2017.  He joined the company full time in November 2017 and has been instrumental in designing our unique tools, techniques, products and training courses.

He has significant experience of Security in highly regulated industries and is currently adding to this knowledge by studying Effective Investigative Conversations methodologies under the tutelage of Bob Pointer of CFIL Global.

Gareth Lock

Gareth has over 25 years’ experience in military aviation, systems thinking and requirements management. He has a wealth of practical skills, spanning training, coaching and non-technical skills development. Gareth has held a number of senior positions in the RAF, working within Large Aircraft, Fast Jet, Helicopter, R&D and T&E domains. He has taught non-technical skills, human factors and Just Culture around the globe across multiple domains including healthcare, oil & gas and high-risk diving teams. In addition to being the Paradigm Human Performance Subject Matter Lead for Human Factors and High Performance Team Development, Gareth leads our thinking in Safety Culture and cultural change.


  • Consults and advises in the assessment, development and embedding of human factors and non-technical skills programmes.
  • Training and facilitation skills in Human Performance, Human Factors, Safety Culture and Error Management using both traditional and immersive training programmes.
  • Investigation techniques including FRAM, Appreciative Inquiry and investigations using Paradigm’s own unique model.
  • Targeted Communications using the Process Communication ModelTM.

Career background and experience

Gareth is a RAF Aerosystems Course graduate and has a Masters in Aerospace Systems from Kingston University. He is a published author having written ‘Under Pressure: Diving Deeper with Human Factors’ and has been published in a number of academic journals on human factors in healthcare and diving. He is an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors. 

Bob Pointer

Bob has a career which encompasses 40 years in Law enforcement, higher education and the private sector. He has accumulated and shares a wealth of practice based skills which span consulting, managing, coaching and professional development education.

He has worked across 4 continents with both public and private sector organisations at all levels. Bobs work focuses on the complexities of human behaviour, both individually and as part of groups and how it impacts on organisational performance, profitability and security.


  • Advanced communication skills: Non-technical practice-ready approaches which build trust and positive relationships
  • Behavioural assessment- Science based techniques to improve interpersonal interactions and promote agile and responsive verbal and nonverbal behaviour.
  • Investigative approaches – Bob has developed a 10 step investigative model which has been taught to and implemented by a significant number of organisations across 4 continents.
  • Tactical behavioural assessment: Real time observational skills training for front line public facing staff to identify and validate potentially hostile or problematic behaviour.
  • Effective conversations: A self developed 5 channel 5 sense framework which has been delivered at all business areas and across many sectors which empowers individuals by improving their ability to be conversationally intelligent.

Career background and experience

Bob was a career detective working mostly in the area of serious and organised crime including attachments with the Regional Crime Squad later known as the National Crime Squad, National Counter Terrorism Command, City Police Central Detective Unit and the Covert Counter Corruption Unit. In 2006 whilst seconded to City University of London he was responsible for designing and delivering a new Professional Investigator Programme Element of a groundbreaking initiative foundation course for new Police recruits.

In 2008 he retired from the Police and took up a Position within the newly created Centre for Security Investigation and Police Sciences at City University of London taking responsibility for developing, designing, managing and delivering professional development courses including a counter fraud programme for OLAF – the European Union Counter fraud Agency which was delivered in Croatia,Romania and Bulgaria.

In 2010 he left the University and became a consultant working internationally with organisations and event organisers delivering behaviour-centric courses for many business areas from security and investigations through Audit, Compliance and HR to Senior Management and sales.

Tony Gaskell spent 38 years in the Power Generation Industry, where he held a number of management roles within operations, engineering and maintenance in a major UK Nuclear Generation organisation.  Tony is now the Account Manager for Paradigm clients who operate in high hazard industries, in particular, the nuclear industry.


  • Human and Organisational Performance Improvement
  • Power Plant Decommissioning
  • Power Generation (including nuclear)
  • Safety Case Development & Management
  • Audit & Diagnostic surveillance
  • Incident Investigation
  • Nuclear Licensing Conditions


During his career Tony held posts as Head of Maintenance at two Nuclear Power Stations and Operations Manager at a Nuclear Decommissioning site.  As Head of Human Performance Strategy, he was responsible for developing a UK wide Human Performance Improvement programme, covering ten Nuclear sites and two headquarter establishments.

Tony was an active member of the UK Human Performance Forum which involved contributing to UK Human Performance Standards as published by the National Skills Academy Nuclear (NSAN); additionally, he participated in World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) Human Performance support missions to Nuclear plants in China, France, Finland and Spain. He was also a member of the ONR led Safety Culture network. 

Having presented at a number of global conferences on Human Performance, he delights in sharing his expertise and experience with groups and organisations to promote the business benefits of Human and Organisational performance Improvement.

Initially teaching Chemical engineering at Imperial, David moved into Environmental and Major Hazards Consultancy sector, following his experience leading the investigation into the Flixborough Disaster. He has had an ongoing involvement in developing a formal engineering approach to incident investigation and pioneered its application worldwide (UK, US, Australia, Far East). His teams have involved Trevor Kletz’s original ICI key people and they established HAZOP as a staple tool of US process safety. Subsequently they wrote the first comprehensive guidebooks on Risk Management Methodologies for the US CCPS, AIChE. David’s teams produced the first acceptable submission of the then novel Norwegian sector “safety cases” and subsequently worked on most of the major North Sea developments – Sleipner, Hemdal, Ekofisk, Gullfaks, Statfjord, etc. It also included some novel applications (the Hutton TLP) and Australian and Saudi Arabian oil and gas operations. His teams developed the formal risk assessment methodologies for planning which are now mandatory under the Dutch “External safety” Regulations. For the Netherlands Government he produced independent assessments of major process industry incidents, such as Bhopal and reviewed the safety of Swiss Air Traffic Management after Uberlingen. 


He is currently an Honorary Professor in the School of Engineering at Cardiff, where he is involved with developing and teaching the evolution of tools and applications in risk and safety. This extends the core disciplines of “SAFETY I” and Human Reliability (Behaviour Based Safety) to the newer complementary approaches in Human and Organisational Performance (SAFETY II). These involve a close association with Erik Hollnagel on the formal development of the new FRAM and Resilience approaches.


He also has hands on experience as a regulator. He was Chief Inspector of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Pollution, the environmental Regulator for the UK. (HMIP), and then moved on to the new Environment Agency; and finally was seconded to the EU, where he implemented Integrated Pollution Control, the REACH Directive and founded the European network of Regulators – IMPEL. In the 5 years 1991-6, David’s teams cut the UK Pollution Inventory by 50%. He was made a Companion of the Order of the Bath for services to the Environment. He subsequently chaired the UK Government's radioactive waste organisation (NIREX CLG).

Karen Priestman

Karen is a highly-experienced human factors (HF) and systems design engineer with nearly 30 years in various technical consultancy settings and leadership roles. Karen has worked within various industries such as nuclear and non-nuclear power generation, distribution, waste management and decommissioning; defence (Navy, Air Force); and oil, gas & petrochemical processing. She has also applied her skills effectively in industrial manufacturing. Karen can complete projects at all levels of complexity and duration, using a wide range of HF and systems design, assessment and analysis tools and techniques, but she is particularly skilled at novel or expert application of HF knowledge within complex system designs. Karen’s goal is always to ensure that human interactions with hardware, software and other human elements of any system design are optimised for safe and efficient performance.


  • Developing fully-integrated business- and project-level HF programmes to improve system and organisation performance, resilience, safety and security.
  • Providing HF leadership through strategic organisational activities and team development.
  • Helping clients, particularly in high-risk industries, identify and effectively manage the risks to and from the humans who build, use and maintain their systems.
  • Providing HF technical specialist support to complex system projects throughout the system lifecycle, from design and build, through improvements and decommissioning.
  • Completing HF-related safety studies, system safety assessment, safety case development or improvement and related regulatory documentation.
  • Conducting varying levels of post-graduate and industry training in HF and related technical areas.

Career background and experience

Karen has a diverse technical background including: HF integration (HFI) and HF engineering (HFE) programme development and assessment; human-computer and human-machine interface (HCI/HMI) design; electro-mechanical systems design; human error and reliability analysis; maintainability and maintenance design; HF in organisational system development (team structure, competence management, training and procedure needs analysis and development); and HF-focussed accident/incident response planning, investigations and operational experience system development. Karen acts as a senior expert with responsibilities for developing and managing technical teams, providing independent verification and peer review of critical project deliverables, and fulfilling the “Intelligent Customer” (IC) role for clients. She has a degree in Systems Design Engineering with a HF minor, and is a Chartered Fellow of the UK Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors. She is also a member of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) and UK Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET). Karen is UK security cleared to SC level and holds dual British and Canadian citizenship.

Brandy Young

Brandy has spent many years as the Director of Operations for our trusted and valued associates BushCo HPI and has now taken the same role at Paradigm Human Performance USA, sharing her time between our two fantastic organisations! Brandy has helped to manage and develop Human Performance training based on the EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute, Inc.), World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), Institute of Nuclear Power Operators (INPO), and US Department of Energy (DOE) standards. Brandy has also taught and administered courses at university level for Health Information Technology programmes for more than 4 years, and worked for more than 8 years in the Healthcare industry.


  • Human Performance operations Director for BushCo HPI
  • +4 years university professor
  • +12 years in the Health Information Technology industry

Career background and experience

Brandy’s industry experience is in the Health Information Technology, and Higher Education fields. She is currently a professor teaching Health Information Management. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and is currently working towards a Master’s Degree.

Jonathon Young

Jonathan Young is originally from Niagara Falls, Canada and has been working in HOP on the curricular side building and strengthening HRO’s (highly reliable organisations) with BushCo HPI and Paradigm Human Performance for a number of years. He holds a master’s degree and a Human Performance Practitioner certificate from the University of Idaho. 


  • Online Educational Delivery such as blended, flipped, and virtual classrooms
  • Educational technology
  • Instructional design
  • Presenter, lecturer, educator

Career background and experience

As a university professor of over nine years, Jonathan’s teaching specialty is in the online environment. He teaches a nationwide student body via live synchronous online video sessions where both the students and the instructor are seen, heard, and interact in real-time.  Jonathan has been a Program Director (Department Chair) in charge of developing and implementing, this form of leading edge curricula.

Marion Kiely

Marion is a highly experienced Health & Safety consultant with almost 25 years experience in many industries including pharmaceutical, semi-conductor and construction.  She has a particular interest in the people in the system and has amassed a wealth of knowledge and experience in how change can be introduced and sustained within organisations.  She has an aversion towards safety approaches which focus on 'fixing the employee', and is much more interested in looking at what elements of the system are setting employees up for failure, and working with organisations to explore their organisational ecosystem, make sense of it, and take action based on the discovery & sense-making activities undertaken.  She has worked with Cognitive Edge in developing a Wellbeing Pulse, a novel way of catching micro-narratives which give qualitative data (stories) and quantitative data (patterns), which provides an alternative to stress audits/surveys.


  • Psychosocial risk factors and the link to employee wellbeing
  • Sense-making and organisational strategy 
  • Resilient change management 
  • Complex Adaptive Systems
  • Anthro-complexity
  • Adaptive Safety


Marion worked at Pfizer Pharmaceuticals for over 15 years, where she led a very successful BBS safety program.  With the benefit of hindsight she regards this as not a true BBS program, but in many aspects a Safety Differently programme.  In 2012 she attended a masterclass in Human Factors and Safety with Prof Sidney Dekker who introduced her to Dave Snowden’s Cynefin (pronounced Kin~ev~in) Framework and complexity theory, and ever since she has been pursuing more knowledge in this area and applying it to the safety field. She founded Upstream in 2016, to help clients navigate complex challenges in relation to safety, and is a member of the Cognitive Edge Practioner network.  She lectures in University College Cork and is a member of the IOSH South Ireland Committee.  Her sense of humour paired with a tendency to draw on numerous metaphors and analogies enable her to convey important concepts in a refreshing and engaging manner. 

"I now understand why individuals are rarely the sole or root cause of incidents."

Mark Clarke
Willmott Dixon

"It is very clear that you are experts in your field, I have learnt so much from this course and I now have tools that I can use immediately."

Human & Organisational Performance, Birmingham University

"With a pragmatic outlook and a broad knowledge-base, Teresa provides a refreshing approach to construction health and safety that is sorely needed in our industry."

James Crouch
Engineering Director, Burns and McDonnell

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