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Paradigm Human Performance

Creating safer, healthier and more respectful workplaces

Since our formation in 2017 we have rapidly become one of the World's leading Human and Organisational Performance (HOP) training and consultancy companies with a global reach and operating in many industry sectors

If you talk to our clients, they will tell you that they love our straight talking, no nonsense approach, they will tell you how well they are supported by us and how we never let them down. They will tell you that we not only go the extra mile but we often run the whole marathon for them; they will also tell you about our passion and commitment to spreading the word about the transformational benefits of HOP.

We want you, our client, to know that you can absolutely achieve your safety and operational goals and to feel that you are truly a part of a bigger mission to enhance work for millions of people, globally.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

We want to make organisations all over the world more profitable, more efficient and more reliable by 2030. Helping our clients to provide amazing, inspiring workplaces which are not just dependable, safer and healthier for their people but have a culture of psychological safety where everyone can speak up without fear of blame, punishment or retribution - where everyone is respected for their contribution and where people are proud to go to work.

Paradigm Human Performance is built on three core concepts: Organisational Excellence, Quality Relationships and Global Contribution. These shape our business, our goals and how we support you to achieve operational excellence.

Our Values


We work smart, stay relevant and have the courage to shape a better future.


We are honest, open, ethical, and fair; people can trust us to stick to our word.


We recognise that engaged and motivated people are a power for good and we build strong relationships based on this passion.


We seek opportunities to use our skills and talents to help others along the way and to share our good fortune with others less fortunate than ourselves by supporting good causes.


We respect all of our relationships whether with our team, clients or competitors as we strive to build a feeling of trust, safety, and wellbeing with the work we do.


We remember that it takes different ideas, strengths, interests and cultural backgrounds to make a company succeed. Encourage healthy debate and differences of opinion.

Our Expertise

Paradigm HP has world-class expertise in Human and Organisational Performance improvement, safety, security and non-technical skills development.

We've successfully supported 1000s of organisations; we can support you to achieve your performance improvement goals.

Our Why

  • We believe that the most successful organisations are those that listen to and seek to understand their people and the detailed knowledge and expertise they have amassed; We know that these organisations kill or injure less people because they have aligned goals and objectives and their strategy is clearly and consistently communicated.
  • We provide our customers with the knowledge, tools and techniques necessary to ensure that the organisation and its people are set up for success.
  • There are huge benefits to be gained by creating laser focus on clear objectives and priorities at the intersection of corporate vision and worker engagement and so we have aligned ourselves with the United Nations Sustainable Development goals numbers 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth and 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure.
  • Paradigm is creating a future where authentic and courageous leaders transform companies to be more profitable while providing, healthy and psychologically safe workplaces where ALL people are valued, heard and respected.

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