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Paradigm Accident & Incident Support Services

Accident and Incident Subscription Service

Here for you when the worst has happened

We know that when the worst things happen even the best organisations don't see them coming.

Everything looks so obvious from the wrong side of an incident but why do the best people make mistakes?

Why do organisations with great reputations and even greater processes and procedures seem to have the most catastrophic unwanted outcomes?

And why do the same things seem to happen again and again and again?

When an incident occurs the pressure is on, there is so much to do to recover and return to 'business and usual' and often the last thing on our mind is the ensuing investigation, but it is often what organisations do in these first few critical hours that will determine whether or not the investigation achieves its objectives, so when it comes to managing an incident, perfect preparation prevents post-incident paralysis.

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We provide a range of training and support services to help you prepare for and cope when things go wrong.


Investigating a serious incident can be a challenging task.

Our Challenger Panel Service is there to support investigators and Leaders to complete a thorough investigation which results in sound causal factors identification and robust corrective actions.

This service is delivered through a series of conference and support calls and training for up to 10 people.


This service is an excellent way to ensure that your own investigation team or perhaps a responsible manager, has all the help and guidance they need to conduct a thorough and timely investigation that will satisfy the requirements of your employees, your clients and perhaps even the Regulator.

We will provide oversight, guidance and support for your investigation for up to a maximum of 5 days, including a one day site visit, if deemed beneficial.


One of our highly skilled investigators will join your team at "Procrastination Point" (normally when it is decision time regarding the cause of the event) for up to three days per serious incident to help them review their progress to date and move them forward to/or through the analysis phase of the process.

We then provide a review of the final investigation report prior to submission to the client, regulator or governing body.


Our Investigation Lead service is exactly what it says on the tin! For a fixed monthly retainer we will be on call to support you 24/7.

One of our highly trained and experienced Investigators will arrive at your site within 24 hours to get your Investigation off to a flying start.*

As part of your membership we will also train up to 10 of your people in our Investigation First Responder course.