High Performance Teams

Do you work in an environment which is dynamic, has critical outcomes where mistakes can be the difference of life and death, where uncertainty is common, or where members have to use a mixture of task-work and teamwork to create success?

If the answer is yes, then you likely need a High Performance Team. Nearly all organisations have teams, but how do you know if your teams are high-performing? Do they have:


High level of collective understanding – is there a shared consciousness so that all the team members clearly know what the most important goals are and they maintain core values to achieve them?

High levels of psychological safety – are they able to make that critical decision to ask a question or challenge another without consciously thinking about how that will be received?  

High levels of adaptability and resilience – are they able to deal with change in a robust manner when it comes to external and internal influences?

High levels of participation and proactivity – are they able to undertake work without constant reference back up the chain. Has authority been delegated to the lowest level?

High Performance Team Programme

Paradigm Human Performance has developed a unique 2-day programme which combines a mixture of theory from cutting edge scientific research, simple practical exercises and a simulation tool called GemaSim.

GemaSim is the core to the programme as it exposes the team to why the skills of high-performance teams are needed and how to develop them further using detailed and structure debriefs ensuring that transference to the workplace is maximised. GemaSim has been used by high performance teams in the military, offshore industry, medical teams and has delivered change in the workspace to Kirkpatrick Level 3.

Experiential Learning

The GemaSim simulation tool was designed by aviation psychologists to be an environment in which uncertainty, high workload and competing goals would be experienced. Everyone starts at the ground zero - there is no prior knowledge which can be applied. Because of this, non-technical skills can be explored and developed in a psychologically-safe environment. Failure is to be expected, learning from failure is the key to developing high-performance teams. GemaSim facilitates that.

Latest Academic Theory

Attendees will leave the course with an understanding of what an interdependent team is, how situational awareness, decision-making under uncertainty, communications and leadership interdependently contribute to a shared consciousness and how to reduce error-producing conditions which set teams up for success rather than failure. This all based on access to newly published scientific literature and existing practices. 

Tools & Take-Aways

In addition to structure debriefs using a bespoke debrief tool and the tools needed to create psychological safety, the transference of learning is increased through post-course emails which focus on personal goals set at the end of the class micro-learning opportunities via video and written materials. These emails continue for many months after the course to ensure your high-performance team skills stick and don’t just get forgotten.

Course Details

Duration: 2 days.

Course size: 5-12.

Location: Can be delivered onsite or at our offices in Wyastone, Monmouthshire.

Cost: Normally £795+VAT pp

30-31 July, Plymouth Science Park (Free) 1-2 August, Plymouth Science Park (Free)

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