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Human & Organisational Performance

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Despite our best efforts, the most rigorous controls and the highest standards, we know that people are fallible; they make errors and trying to eliminate errors is like trying to eliminate gravity!

So why do these things go wrong? Why do they keep happening? What can you do to make sure your people are set up for success? Simple questions, often with simple answers.

Human Performance is a well-established performance improvement method which has been used in high hazard industries such as Aviation, Nuclear Power Generation and Space Exploration for many years to try to manage the issue of 'Human Error'. The theory and original concept was developed in the 1950s in the United States Military and the methodology, which has developed over subsequent decades, has continued to advance.

Today the essential elements of a successful Human Performance Improvement program incorporate elements of different improvement techniques, including total quality management, lean manufacturing, human factors engineering, engineering design principles, quality assurance and occupational health and safety management and the concept of behaviour based safety.

The 5 Basic Principles of Human and Organisational Performance

Error is normal

Humans are fallible and even the best people make mistakes

Blame fixes nothing

Error-likely situations are predictable, manageable and preventable

Learning and improving is vital

Individual behaviour is influenced by organisational processes and values

Context drives behaviour

People achieve high levels of performance based largely on the encouragement and reinforcement received from leaders, peers and subordinates

How you respond to failure matters

Events can be avoided by understanding the reasons mistakes occur and applying the lessons learned from the past events

Doing 'business differently' not just 'safety'

The recent emergence of and discussions about 'Safety Differently' (Sidney Dekker) or the concepts of 'Safety 1 and 2' (Erik Hollnagel) is music to the ears of Human Performance Practitioners, as many of the tools being touted as 'new developments' are in fact well established staples of any good HPI Practitioner's toolkit!

Our HPI services include workplace accident & investigation, consultancy, advice, training and coaching; we can even provide a project manager to oversee your whole program implementation.

A typical starting point for a new client of Paradigm Human Performance is to request a gap analysis; this is quite an intense piece of work where we will compare your existing arrangements, such as policies, procedures, rules and standards against our Human Performance Maturity Model.

The data for the analysis is gathered by a number of different means including management and employee interviews, traditional auditing, workshops and a safety culture assessment. A comprehensive report is then produced with a recommended improvement plan.

Human Performance is having a massively positive effect on industries across the globe and here in the UK, early adopters are already beginning to benefit from this new paradigm of performance improvement.

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Human & Organisational Performance


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