If Only... 

Release date: 20 May 2020. 16:49 GMT

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If Only...

This documentary is about a tragic and avoidable accident which took place during a diver training course in May 2018. As with many adverse events, there were many contributory and causal factors involved. With hindsight, it is easy to spot them, but in real time, they aren't so obvious. Especially, when they happen relatively frequently without any adverse consequences.

Paradigm Human Performance have partnered with The Human Diver to deliver a number of remote-delivered workshops using the documentary and the events within as the backdrop for the issues facing those in high-risk activities. These include time pressures, peer pressures, lack of psychological safety, incomplete instructions, miscommunications and many more.

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Making it happen

Primary Sponsor

Paradigm Human Performance are a training and consultancy company who work with organisations who want to take their operational performance from good to great. They identify and address the gap between work as imagined and work as done, thereby facilitating the reduction of operational errors and unplanned outcomes They believe that nobody should be injured or killed at work and want to make sure all organisations have access to the tools and techniques required to set their people up for the best chance of success.

https://www.paradigmhp.com for more details

The Human Diver is a small company owned by Gareth Lock who are passionate about improving diving safety by better understanding human factors, non-technical skills and a Just Culture in the diving industry. By taking knowledge and experience from aviation, oil and gas, nuclear and healthcare sectors, they have produced a number of training materials and programmes directly applicable to recreational, technical, military and scientific diving. 


https://www.thehumandiver.com for more details.

Filming and Editing

Boathouse New Media is a media production company, located in Vinkeveen, the Netherlands. The company is founded by Global Underwater Explorers (GUE) cave & tech instructor JP Bresser. Being an Instructor for almost 30 years JP has been actively teaching all levels of technical Diving for different training organizations. Next to teaching and exploring caves and deep wrecks, JP is known for his underwater photography and film work that has featured cave and deep wreck exploration in remote and hard-to reach locations.

https://business.facebook.com/JPBresserGUE/ for more details