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Press release

Tuesday 22nd June 2021

Two powerhouses in the fields of Human Performance Improvement and Human and Organisational Performance join to form a strategic business partnership to create safer, healthier and more respectful workplaces across the world.

Plymouth, UK and Idaho Falls, US - Paradigm Human Performance Ltd and BushCo HPI announced today that they have joined forces and formed a partnership to deliver a complete "one stop HOP shop" for any business that needs to address Human and Organisational Performance issues and achieve operational excellence. The partnership will operate under the banner of "Paradigm Human Performance + Shane Bush".

Paradigm Human Performance, a UK based fast-growing HOP Consultancy, provides practical, hands-on consultancy support, and implementation coaching to organisations across many industry sectors. And BushCo HPI, from its base in the US, has been providing Human Performance Improvement training and Practitioner Development programs for twenty years to some of the world's biggest companies.

Teresa Swinton, Founder and Director of Paradigm HP Ltd and Paradigm HP Inc says, "Shane and Peggy Bush were instrumental in me starting Paradigm Human Performance over four years ago and it has always been my aspiration to work more closely with them. The complementary services we offer our clients, our aligned vision and values and my huge respect for both of them makes this alliance the logical next step.

"Combining our two companies under the "Paradigm Human Performance + Shane Bush LLC" banner provides a "one stop HOP shop"; a seamless transition from Shane's work introducing the philosophy of HPI to Paradigm's work which turns theory and academia into practical tools and techniques to help organisations actually implement that philosophy. I am excited by the opportunity this provides for us to expedite Paradigm's challenging goal of educating 30,000 organisations by 2030 about the transformational effects of a human-centric approach to operational excellence!"

Shane Bush, Co-Founder of BushCo Inc comments, "While there have been opportunities in the past to partner with other companies, we have never felt those partnerships would have provided an advantage to clients - until Paradigm Human Performance was created. We strongly believe that the talent that Paradigm brings to the table cannot be matched by any other company in the Human Performance industry. Our joint vision is that the combination of the two companies will provide a full range of services and skills to help companies work towards becoming High Reliability Organizations (HRO).

"Our combined portfolio includes successful track records with every industry from entertainment (Disney World, Cirque du Soleil) to food and beverage (Coca Cola, Schwan's Food) to Oil and Chemical (Chevron, BP Oil), to electrical transmission and distribution (Northwestern Energy, Evergy, Avista, Pacific Gas & Electric, etc)."

Tony Scott, CEO Paradigm HP UK Ltd remarks, "In over 35 years of management I have often seen the synergy of bringing two like-minded companies together, but never have I seen two companies whose complementary skillsets are so balanced and easily spliced together. The resulting capability will be able to address all client needs going forward. The holistic approach taken to Consulting in the field of HOP, allows detailed analysis to inform academic and theoretical input, that in turn will enable cost-effective implementation with truly transformational results. I believe our combined offering is now unmatched in the industry."

Up until this point, clients had to shop around and gather needed services from a number of companies or consultants to meet their specific individual needs. Now the combined breadth and depth of experience within the new partnership ensures that there is the industry-leading expertise to provide any and all aspects and services of Human and Organisational Performance improvement to any business in any industry from one organisation.


About Paradigm HP Ltd

Since its formation in 2017 Paradigm Human Performance has rapidly become one of the World's leading Human and Organisational Performance (HOP) training and consultancy companies with a global reach and operating in many industry sectors. Their mission it to make organisations all over the world more profitable, more efficient, and more reliable. They support their clients to create amazing, inspiring workplaces which are not just dependable, safer, and healthier for their people but have a culture of psychological safety where everyone is respected for their contribution and where people are proud to go to work. Paradigm HP has world-class expertise in Human and Organisational Performance improvement, safety, security, and non-technical skills development.

They've successfully supported 1000s of organisations to achieve operational excellence and reach their performance improvement goals.

For more information visit: Or for media enquiries please contact:

Jarmila Yu, CMO, Paradigm HP Ltd: +44(0) 276 479866 

About BushCo Inc

BushCo Inc was founded in 2005 by Shane and Peggy Bush. Its primary mission is to "assist companies in eliminating unwanted outcomes related to human error" through the implementation of Human Performance Improvement (HPI). They specialise in predicting and reducing error rates and more importantly reducing the consequences of human error at critical steps. Shane has a BS in Corporate Training, an MS in Industrial Safety, is a Registered Radiation Protection Technologist, and Certified as a Human Performance Technologist with the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). He works as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Idaho facilitating graduate level courses in Behaviour Based Safety, Human Performance Fundamentals and Human Error Investigation.

For more information visit: Or please contact:

Brandy Young, Dir. of Operations, BushCo Inc: +1 (208) 521-5180 

More insights coming soon.

Date: 22/06/2021 | Author: Teresa Swinton