One-day Introduction to HOP for Senior Leaders

Find out why Human and Organisational Performance (HOP) WILL make a difference to the safety and performance within your organisation and how to take the first steps to create positive change.

Our one-day Introduction to Human and Organisational Performance is a great way to make your senior team aware of the transformational benefits of HOP.

This highly engaging one day course (delivered in person, or virtually in 3x2 hour sessions) will cover:

  • The 5 Principles of HOP
  • Organisational Drift
  • Learning Teams
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Mark Clarke, Willmot Dixon: "I now understand why individuals are rarely the sole or root cause of incidents and accidents"

Operations Director, Transport Sector: "We are very excited by the opportunities for improvement that have come out of our work with Paradigm Human Performance. You really have given us a new paradigm to explain why we do the things we do at work!"

Why Paradigm Human Performance?

We are the leading European-based consultancy and training organisation focusing on the developing and delivery of Human and Organisational Performance across the globe. We have decades of experience operating in high-risk industries and many years of delivering training and consultancy.

Why Consider HOP?

Consistently applying the five principles behind HOP has been shown to improve performance and safety across multiple sectors. The principles are based on our inherent fallibility and focusing on the conditions which reduce error and improve performance. 

Target Audience?

Executives, Directors, Workplace Health and Safety Professionals, Hazard Analysts, Line Managers, Supervisors, Operations Managers, Maintenance Managers, Legal, Quality/Environmental...anyone with responsibility for delivering performance and maintaining legal, moral or social standards.

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Topic 1: The 5 Principles of HOP

There are five key principles around which Human and Organisational Performance revolves.

Principles are like a compass. They provide direction and guidance in the uncertain and dynamic world we operate in. The HOP principles deal with human error, its ubiquitous nature, how context drives behaviour, the need to create a psychologically sound environment that supports a Just Culture and the essential requirement to learn from the past (positive and negative) to improve future outcomes. 

Topic 2: Organisational Drift

The biggest take-away from everyone who has undertaken training or coaching with us is the value of the Organisational Drift model and how it clearly identifies the gaps between Work as Imagined/Prescribed and Work as Done, the accumulations within the system, and that you don't need an accident or incident to start learning within your organisation.

The beauty of this model is that it can be used from the Executive level to the front-line work level.   

Topic 3: Learning Teams

Your workers are the secret to success when it comes to producing successful outcomes despite the latent conditions which are created by those around them.

Learning teams have been proven to improve organisational and individual learning because they dig into 'how it made sense for those at the time to do what they did', looking more at the conditions in which operators, leaders and managers are working, than the outcomes of their decisions.

Learning teams aren't just for negative outcomes either - you can look to replicate excellence and resilience. 

WL, Head of Operations, UK Power Station. "An eye-opening approach to management development. Very thought-provoking and will need follow-up guidance to give more meaning and create genuine change." 

Daniel Evans, Simec Atlantis Energy: "There were some really good theories and models that I will look into in the future. Some good references and books to refer back to. It was very thought-provoking and I am really keen to relay the information to the rest of the team and start our change process to help rebuild our team"

Ready to start your Journey? HOP on...

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