This week, 6 August, we have Shane Bush as the next guest in the 'Founding Fathers series'

Sharing good practice, expert knowledge and novel ideas

Paradigm is a company based on the knowledge and practice of the giants in the worlds of Human and Organisational Performance (HOP), HSE and Human Factors, and we use that to improve the performance and safety of our clients. Since the end March 2020, we have run numerous weekly webinars to share our knowledge and that of our partners to help clients and practitioners develop in very uncertain times. 

We are going to continue that process under a new title called 'The Learning Organisation Webinar' which will take place every Thursday, 14:00-15:30 UK BST

Post-event, resources from the presenters and contributors will be made to everyone who attends the webinar.

This week, 6 August, we continue the 'Founding Fathers of HOP Series' with Shane Bush from BushCo HPI

Shane will be sharing his experience of implementing HPI at the Idaho National Laboratory, training thousand’s of people all over the world to be HPI Practitioners and some of the work he is currently involved in.  Please drop Teresa or Gareth a line if you have a burning question for Shane!

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Supporting those who need help

Paradigm supports a few charities each year. Toucan for Children is one of them. It supports children and young people who are experiencing emotional difficulties in their lives through providing therapeutic services using play and creative arts. Mental health problems affect 1 in 8 children and young people, which may result in depression, anxiety and often conduct disorder.

Covid-19 lockdown has caused Toucan for Children to temporarily close. Help us make sure we are there for them when this is over. Together we can find a way. If you'd like to donate, please visit