This week, 1 October, we have Joe Estey as the next guest in the 'Founding Fathers series'

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Paradigm is a company based on the knowledge and practice of the giants in the worlds of Human and Organisational Performance (HOP), HSE and Human Factors, and we use that to improve the performance and safety of our clients. Since the end March 2020, we have run numerous weekly webinars to share our knowledge and that of our partners to help clients and practitioners develop in very uncertain times. 

We are going to continue that process under a new title called 'The Learning Organisation Webinar' which will take place every Thursday, 14:00-15:00 UK BST

Post-event, resources from the presenters and contributors will be made to everyone who attends the webinar.

This week, 1 October, we continue the 'Founding Fathers of HOP Series' with Joe Estey

Having lived with the challenges of’ planning for the best’ but often times coming up short in five uniquely different vocational experiences, Joe Estey has learned most of what he knows about predicting, preventing, and recovering from unwanted and unexpected incidents by “standing on the shoulders of Giants”. These giants from the culinary, disaster restoration, middle school education, manufacturing and nuclear materials processing disciplines have provided a living library of lessons learned that have helped him better understand: “why do we do what we do when we do it”, “error is involuntary and not a choice’ and ‘how to design a system to get ‘exactly’ the results we are expecting’.

Please drop Teresa or Gareth a line if you have a burning question for Joe!

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