We are open for business in Plymouth.

We are very excited to have opened our newest office located at the Plymouth Science Park.


To celebrate our opening we are holding a launch week starting on Monday 29th July. We will be featuring a number of inspiring and engaging training courses from Introduction to Human Performance through to our High-Performance Teams training and coaching programme, and the best bit is, we are offering all places free of charge. So why not come along? We look forward to welcoming you and learning more about what you do.


The courses we are delivering...

Introduction to H&OP

This 1 day course provides attendees with an overview of what Human and Organisational Performance (HOP) is about and how you can use it immediately on return to the workspace.

The topics covered include The Theory of Human Performance and the Drift Model; Human Error and the W.I.T.H. model; Error Prevention Tools and Techniques; and Courageous Leadership.

You will leave with an understanding of how HOP can improve your profit margin and a selection of practical tools and techniques which will help you get started.

Feedback from previous courses has been excellent as most participants had never considered these concepts before and most attendees engage with Paradigm afterwards to work together to solve their H&OP issues.

Course date:  30th July

High Performance Teams

Many talk about high performance team development but this training and coaching programme really delivers. It does this by combining simulation-based experiential learning with a proven record in moving teams from Kirkpatrick Level 1 to Level 3, and cutting edge scientific research to develop highly effective teams and leaders.
Teams take time to evolve and while we can't promise to give you the A-Team at the end of the course, this course accelerates your development by using facilitators who have personal experience in domains where effective teamwork was literally the difference between life and death and giving you the tools to take away to improve your teams right now.



Course date: 30th/31st July

Book on free HOP Course............... 30 Jul 19

Book on free HOP Course............... 31 Jul 19

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