Human and Organisational Performance Improvement covers many facets of a business including operations, safety, security, leadership and high-performance team development. Our consultancy, training and support services provide you with the tools for your journey to operational excellence.



Our consultancy services are aimed at identifying the gaps, providing solutions where you own the development and execution and do not have to rely on us for the long-term.


Our HOP services include workplace accident & incident investigation, advice, training and coaching; we can even provide a project manager to oversee the implementation of your whole programme!

Want to know more about HOP/HPI? Have a watch of this short video and then read this blog.


After an incident incident the pressure is on, there is so much to do to recover and return to 'business as usual'; often the last thing on our mind is the ensuing investigation but it is what you do in these first few critical hours that will determine whether or not the investigation achieves its objectives and perfect preparation prevents post-incident paralysis.

Safety & Security

We know that operational excellence is built on a firm foundation of health, safety & Security principles, policies, procedures and rules; we also know that in today’s changing environment of new risks and emerging threats, a sound safety & security culture is crucial.  We provide a range of services to help you achieve the right solutions for you!


We provide a wide range of coaching expertise so whatever is blocking your route to success - we can help you remove the obstacles and keep you on track!  Post-training knowledge transfer coaching is our unique way of ensuring that we deliver those new skills back to the workplace, significantly increasing your ROI

"My biggest takeaway has been the WITH model and how to use it, I am going to introduce it to my team immediately!"

Operations Manager
Construction Industry

"We are very focused on Non-Technical skills and so it was refreshing to look at Human Performance from a different view point."

Douglas McLellan
West Midlands Trains


We provide numerous training opportunities covering human and organisational performance improvement, safety, security, non-technical skills, communications and high-performance team development. Hosted at our HQ or at your company location. You decide.

PHP Academy

Undertaking training in the workplace can be distracting, you might not have enough staff to run a bespoke programme, or that you want to learn with and from others with similar issues. Just some of the reasons why we provide off-site and open course training opportunities.

Courses Dates

In-Company Training

Building a high-performance team means developing training which is bespoke to your company, the tasks at hand and the culture you are exposed to both geographically and culturally. We work with you to develop the programme at your location and with your leadership.

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"We are very excited by the opportunities for improvement that have come out of our work with Paradigm Human Performance. You really have given us a new paradigm to explain why we do the things we do at work!"

Operations Director
Transportation Industry

"HOP needs to be adopted by every industry – it is a game changer!"

Kirsty McKinley-Stewart
Editor, Crisis Response Journal


We know that sometimes we get out of our depth and it is helpful to call someone with more domain experience to help you through a difficult area. That's why we are here.


We provide a range of services, based on a minimum 12 month subscription, to suit all budgets and legal requirements and built around a 'Governance, Oversight, Support and Perform' (G.O.S.P.) model which ensures you are safe AND compliant.


When an incident occurs the pressure is on, there is so much to do to recover and return to 'business and usual'. We provide a range of training and support services to help you prepare for and cope when things go wrong.

Knowledge Transfer

Research has shown that we rarely transfer more than 10% of classroom learned activities to the workplace unless they are used immediately and regularly. This is why we provide ongoing support to ensure the forgetting curve is a remembering one!


Paradigm HP believes in growing professionals and helping them reach heights they had never thought possible. We do this via a number of different methods, however, at all times you are in control.


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