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RJ joined Paradigm in 2022 as Co-Owner and the Founder of Paradigm HP US and is passionate about growing the organisation to ensure its global impact.

RJ has spent his career in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry and the power generation sector, in fact he was once a client of Paradigm Human Performance!

Having personally experienced the transformation of his previous organisation thanks to integrating the principles and concepts of HOP, RJ is driven to show other organisations exactly how it's done and how it can benefit them!

RJ is an inspirational Leader who sets high standards and continually pushes himself towards personal growth as well as business growth.


Human Performance

Incident Investigation

Leadership coaching

High-performing teams training and coaching

Speaker Experience

RJ is an engaging speaker who talks on many subjects with passion and enthusiasm, including Human Error, Leading in the Field, Operational Risk Management and Personal Growth and Development.