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Teresa Swinton is the entrepreneur behind Paradigm Human Performance. Her tenacity and determination to succeed in instigating real change in the workplace has been instrumental in the business's evolution, and in turn, Teresa's rise as an influential entrepreneur has been remarkable.

She has a burning desire to help business leaders to create a just culture and instigate real, tangible change that improves human performance. Driven by her passion for people, she takes great pride in getting to know every facet of an organisation in order to understand where opportunities to improve exist.

Teresa focuses on improving organisational processes to ensure that workers are set up for success. She spent 30 years working in high risk industries, including Construction, Rail, HV Distribution and Fossil-Fuel and Nuclear Power Generation. She truly understands the complexity of people and the organisations that employ them, as well as the challenges of leadership.

Teresa is driven by a desire to improve the safety and wellbeing of every workforce she works with, as well as promoting the importance of good mental and physical health.


  • Human Performance
  • Incident Investigation
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Behavioural Safety
  • Leadership development.
  • Executive, Small Business & Personal Development Coach


With significant experience across multiple domains, she has a natural ability to take complex theory, models and systems and turn them into easy to understand, straight-forward practices for all levels of the organisation to drive true transformational change. Teresa loves consulting with progressive organisations who really understand the power of good relationships and how these can be a catalyst for lasting performance improvement and operational excellence. Teresa uses her coaching skills to fulfil her passion for supporting and advocating women in the workplace, particularly those who run their own business or are preparing for their next managerial role.

A passionate, warm and funny Keynote Speaker Teresa often talks at large events on the subjects that matter to her, including her company, her specialist fields and her work with women.