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Tony began his career in the Mining Industry in 1984 with the National Coal Board as a Management Engineering Trainee having graduated the same year from University College Cardiff.

After 10 years in the Mining sector as an Operations Manager, he left to join an engineering consultancy as Engineering Director to gain greater insight into the world of a "Consulting Engineer".

In 1998 Tony joined Balfour Beatty, where he first met Teresa, and found his niche as a contractor in various operational roles over the next 20 years, including Managing Director of the Power Solutions business and finally, as the Global Operations Director of the Transmission and Distribution business.

A Board Director since 2001, Tony's career has taken him to many countries, experiencing many styles of leadership, management practice and approaches to health and safety.

As Managing Director of Asco Associates since 2015, Tony has been successfully providing a range of strategic, operational and commercial services to Blue Chip and SME clients.

More recently, Tony has been working with Paradigm HP as CEO to help challenge the HOP industry "norms and thinking", and to assist in the development of a compelling quantitative as well as qualitative argument for more widespread use across all industrial sectors.