Workshop to Help Predict, Reduce and Mitigate Errors

Book a WITH Workshop for your team - £45

This 25-min video will give you an overview of the WITH model which allows you to manage errors in your workplace by looking at error pre-cursors or error producing conditions. Paradigm Human Performance facilitate one-hour remote workshops via Zoom which cover this key topic. The outcome is that you and your team are aware of the problems likely to be faced and are provided with some tools to help you solve them.

In this remote-delivered WITH Workshop you and your team will learn

  • What the error producing conditions within the WITH model mean to you and your team.
  • How to reduce error by considering error prevention and reduction tools.
  • A specific pre-job brief which addresses risks which will be present due to COVID-19. (Not infection-related, but human performance-related).

Book a WITH Workshop

This is a unique workshop which allows you to better understand the error producing conditions which are present in your workspace and what you can do to improve performance, improve safety and reduce rework. It is designed to be interactive to address your own workspace issues.

Book Now - £45

Workshop Structure

  • You decide how many attend and when.
  • 30 minutes overview of the WITH model so that you and your team are speaking a common language.
  • 15-20 minutes highlighting key tools available to you.
  • 10-15 minutes Q&A.

Key benefits from this WITH Workshop

As companies move to return to work, there are numerous issues which might increase error and reduce performance. This workshop takes the WITH model explained in the video above and provides specific advice to your workspace. Using decades of experience within the Paradigm Human Performance team, we can work with your team to identify specific issues to better predict and manage errors looking at the Work Environment, Individuals' Capabilities, Task Demands and Human Nature. 

By holding a remote workshop with numerous members of your team, you can gain maximum impact in the workplace by spreading the knowledge within your company. 

Why Consider Paradigm?

Working with world-class experts

Paradigm Human Performance has a team of world-class experts covering Human and Organisational Performance, Human Factors, Psychological Safety and Just Culture. All geared towards improving the safety and performance of your organisation.


We work with you to develop your team. We move from being consultants and facilitators to mentors and coaches, based on your needs. We develop packages based on your needs. We do have core capabilities, but they are tailored for you and your teams' needs. 



Helping you to mind your gap

The gaps between Work as Imagined and Work as Done are everywhere. This just shows adaptable humans are. However, if we want to improve performance and safety, we need to identify and close them to an acceptable level. We help you do that by applying HOP principle.

Interested in the Workshop?

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